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Lauren Kim Roche former sex worker
now respected Physician, Author,
Motivational Speaker

Bent Not Broken describes Lauren's childhood
and adolescence as she struggles to
deal with sexual abuse and her life as
stripper and sex worker, before she turns her
life around. Lauren returned to high school and
university, eventually graduating as a

Bent Not Broken is a tale of sex, drugs and
of dreams lost and found again of abandonment
and rediscovery. There is pain in her story,
but there is a lot of light and laughter

It is about parents who in themselves had
not grown up. About abandonment and
abuse, about dancing in the rain and
the love of grandparents.

There is a shipwreck and a suicide and a
stowaway adventure. There is the beauty
of New Zealand and in the story the FBI and
the Coast Guard make guest appearances
as do Kiss, a few transvestites, Dr. Hook,
teen pregnancy, prostitution, God,
education and the Dallas County jail.

Woven through all of these subjects is a
love of learning and books and of life. It could
be a soap opera but it is a real life and it’s
actually tamer than some people’s lives.

Bent Not Broken shows that no matter how
far we fall, how deep we dig ourselves into
the mire, there is always hope. As long as we
have breath we have we have a chance
of living a better life.

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